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And I advise you visit the new blog today, since there is some other news on there that I have been teasing you about for weeks. 🙂



I already did my retrospective a few posts back, so I’ll just mention here that this morning I photographed my last photoshoot of the year. Whew! What a wonderful way to end the year. Meet 8 day old E. She is just about the most precious thing in the entire world. I was in love with her snuggliness, and her spiky hair. 

This is the third photoshoot I’ve had with this particular family — combine that with the fact we both have sons about the same age and I have come to consider them friends. I always love to go over to their house, because I know I’ll have fun. And talk a lot. And the light… oh my, the light in their home is scumptious. I think they could probably rent it out to photographers. So I couldn’t keep them waiting for their newborn pictures while I was on holiday break. I just couldn’t. These photos are too fun not to share. And there are a lot of them, so make sure you’re comfortable. You’ll probably want to take a little nap after seeing all this coziness.

She was a sleepy little one. And very snuggly.



I love the look on her face in this next one.


I just bought these scarves, so E was the first newborn to try them out. She found them quite cozy, as you can see.


web-em8Her room, which you might remember from the maternity session I posted a few weeks ago, is completely adorable. She also snuggled in there for a while.

web-em5Then it was off for photos with mommy and daddy. 

web-em9web-em13What do you think — first official smile caught on film?

web-em12And of course, we couldn’t leave out photos with her big brother. 

web-em11web-em10This one is funny, because we noticed while we were taking the photos that E and her dad were “sleeping” almost exactly the same way.

web-em15The epitome of cozy.

web-em14And finally, completely out of chronological order, one of my new favorite newborn photos ever. I’m pretty certain I’m going to enlarge this one BIG for my studio. So peaceful.



… and another just over two! These photos were so much fun to take. I had photographed one of the tiny little guys about a month ago when he was a newborn. His mother’s family was having a get-together in Madison, and they asked if I could take some photos of the children as well as some of Nana — their great grandmother. I loved this idea, because really — how many times are you going to have four children under the age of one to photograph all at once? It was a challenge, I’m not going to lie. But I do think that the photos did capture a bit of this family’s spirit, as well as the different (developing) personalities of the children.

These two were 9 month old twins. I was in love. Not only is it one of my very favorite ages to photograph, but these two had the cutest eyes. The little girl was quite interested in my camera, and I had to act fast to shoot the photo before she had crawled right up next to my lens.


The little boy had such blue eyes!


Look out, world!


And these two cousins are just a week or so apart in age. I think they almost look like twins here.


Little S had the most compelling eyes, and made the funniest faces!


And this was the “big cousin” — who is just a bit over 2 years old. She entertained the little ones by reading her favorite selections from Dr. Seuss.


I swear this little kiss was completely unprompted by anyone — and the baby is her little brother. Aw…

web-kf41Nana with her little ones…



And just one of her with one of her grandchildren, who helped arrange this session. What a lovely session, and what a delightful family. Oh, and we did get one shot of all the kids together, although I’m saving that one for the family to see first. The photo on the top of this post is one of the outtakes, which I thought conveyed a little sense of the craziness!


First an administrative note: The studio will be closed from this weekend through January 5 to allow me to celebrate the holidays with my family. I will be checking e-mails throughout the holidays, but it may take me just a bit longer than usual to get back to you. I also have some wonderful photos to share with you of some fantastic portrait sessions I’ve had over the last few weeks. I hope to get those posts out this weekend, but if not look for them shortly after the new year!

Now for the real point of this post: I have always loved those year-end retrospectives they show on tv, and at this time of year I find it’s fitting to look back and reflect on the year that has passed. 2008 was quite the year. It held some wonderfully happy times, but of course it is also the year that I went through the heart-breaking loss of my mother in February. For that reason, I think 2008 will always remain as a year of reflection for me. Time to reflect on family and friends, and what that really means. It’s also a time for renewal and rebirth, which for me is most clearly signified by the growth and development of my photography business, as well as the amazing growth and changes I see every day in my son. I know I have said this before, and I can’t promise that I won’t say it again. When it comes down to the very heart of it, the reason why I love photography as I do is that I simply love to capture those fleeting moments and give families a way to remember it always. The laugh of a child. The amazed look when you hold your newborn child for the first time. The happy tears on a wedding day. Photos allow us to capture what is so fleeting.

With that, I am happy to share some of my very favorite moments from this past year. Please click on the link below to view the slideshow. And on a personal note: I have met some amazing people this year. I consider myself humbly honored to have been chosen to capture some moments for all of you. My best wishes for a peaceful, healthy and joyous holiday season, and a wonderful new year!

CaseyBower Photography 2008 Slideshow

This little cutie is another one of my “Watch Me Grow” babies… you might (or might not!) recognize her from her newborn session a few months ago. She’s now over three months old, and has changed so much. Although her hair and her baby pudge remains much the same (yay!)

So the theme of this post takes its cue from the Sound of Music (one of the best movies… ever). A few of my favorite things…

* sweet baby girls in holiday dresses

* especially when they have absolutely amazing eyes

* wonderful little baby pudge

* little ones who are just starting to smile (have to include two of this one)

* babies under the Christmas tree (especially yummy in black and white)

And you might be able to guess what my absolute favorite thing is — babies in Santa hats. I just love them. Even (or especially?) when they’re crying.

Keep warm! Look for a big announcement to come later this week!

Since it’s only December and it seems to fit with the holiday mood, I can admit that I sort of enjoy it. It’s a different story come around February or so. Then I’m ready for summer and warm weather. My dog on the other hand? He’s frankly happy to be anywhere I am. And he loves to run around in the snow. These photos are actually from last winter… but we just re-created them this morning. And now he’s happily snoozing on the sofa, content as can be.

Drive safely, and enjoy the snow!

This session was with a 5 month old little girl who I photographed a few months back when she was only a few days old. I love to watch my clients grow up… I think it’s one of the best parts of my job, in fact. Miss M’s parents signed up for the “Watch Me Grow” package before she was even born, so they’ll be two more sessions with this little sweetie in the next few months!

Her parents are still completely taken with her.

Isn’t this hat the cutest?

Sweet moment with mommy (I love her little baby chub in this one).


See you in a few months, M.